About Me

About me

Eric Manzi

~ I am a leading Tour Guide and a passionate Wildlife Photographer, based in Kigali, Rwanda ~

Shoebill - spotted in Akagera National Park

Mwiriwe - Hi everyone!

I am Eric Manzi - a leading tour guide / wildlife photographer in Rwanda and Uganda, which is where I was born and raised as well.

My storytelling as a guide and wildlife photographer is not only a true reflection of my undeniable love for nature, wildlife and cultures but I am aware to make your trip and safari unforgettable.
I am a certified and licensed guide in Rwanda; I have attended various wildlife interpretations, customer service and I am a certified first aider in Rwanda.

My passion for tourism was found in 2010 while interning with a travel company as a student at the National University of Rwanda. I graduated there with a Bachelor of Science in Economic Development.
That is where I found my passion and love for tourism. It is since then that I am excelling at it.

For the past 10 years, my life has revolved around leading tours and guiding tourists in the most sought destinations in Rwanda and Uganda.

My passion for guiding, nature, communities and all creatures within, guided me to work in hugely divers areas of the tourism industry.These varied from leading community tours, tour consulting and currently at my best - leading and guiding.

I have nearly spent 7 years photographing the Wildlife of the beautiful and rugged provinces of Rwanda. My goal has always been to capture Nature in an artistic and creative way in hopes of creating truly unique and eye-catching images while keeping the respect of Nature my top priority.

My skilful use of a camera, calm demeanour and personable nature combined with a keenness to share my experiences and knowledge with others, is what drives me to be one of the best safari guide in Rwanda.

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